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Turing Video has been molded by the tenacious and collaborative ecosystem of Silicon Valley. Starting in 2017, we began pioneering the space between security and technology to advance the industry and human capabilities. At our very core, we develop complex, deep-learning software to integrate with industry-proven robotics and create a solution unlike any other in our field. Our diverse team of engineers and entrepreneurs create an environment rich in ideas, explorations, and solutions. 

At Turing, we are crafting the future of work to be integrated with smart technologies and deep-learning intelligence such that workflows are intuitive, seamless, and smart. With state-of-the-art technology, our intelligent security system partners with existing systems to deliver smarter, more dynamic solutions and results. 



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Our Partnership program establishes a synergistic relationship with security companies and system integrators looking to expand their business and solutions they provide to their clients. With partners in Australia, Europe, Singapore, and the United States, the Turing Partnership program has diverse network of industry innovators and disruptors that are changing the world of security.


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We are a team of go-getters, movers, and shakers. We believe the work we do today is a part of a bigger and better future. Click below to see our current openings.