Powered by Artificial Intelligence


When patrolling in an office space after hours, Nimbo can identify and alert staff if he sees a person or vehicle in an area that is off-limits.

He will automatically categorize and store video footage in the cloud for easy access, evidence collection, and filtering.


From offices to warehouses, Nimbo fits right in. He can map an office floor plan in under ten minutes, create custom routes, and patrol the lobby by day and monitor office spaces by night.

Use the remote control feature to explore nooks and crannies that could otherwise be left unseen.


Don’t miss a beat with Nimbo on your team.

Tell Nimbo to greet guests with “Good morning!” when they enter the lobby or set custom notifications when a van is detected at the warehouse after hours.




ready to roll

From the moment Nimbo rolls out of the box, he’s ready to start working.

Link up to your WiFi, map your space in ten minutes and Nimbo is ready to go. With multi-map memory, he can move from the lobby to the warehouse to the server room and anywhere in between.


The Turing app was built to be as easy as checking your email.

Access to everything you need with a few clicks: monitor Nimbo’s patrol, assign him to patrol a new area, or respond to suspicious activity he detected.

Both the iOS and Android apps are designed for a seamless and friendly interface.

collaborative by design

Nimbo is truly a security sidekick, he works with a security officer as extended eyes and ears in the field.

While on patrol, Nimbo will notify the officer of unauthorized visitors and offer a live video stream. He also scans office networks for rogue or unauthorized MAC addresses. This keeps your network private and secure.




Designed for uses both small and large, Nimbo is a security powerhouse that serves your needs as well as your wallet. Schedule a demo to learn more about our pricing models and to get a direct quote.

Nimbo spec pic.png


Size  |  H 26" x L 23" x W 11"

Weight  |  50 lbs.

Robot Speed  |  Up to 3 mph

Ride-on Speed  |  Up to 10 mph

Battery Life  |  Up to 10 hours



Auto-Charge Station

Visibility Mast