Your security sidekick has just arrived.

Smart, adaptive, and tailored to your needs

From offices to warehouses, Nimbo fits right in. He can map an office floor plan in under ten minutes, create custom routes, and patrol the lobby by day and monitor office spaces by night.

When patrolling in an office space after hours, Nimbo can identify and alert staff if he sees a person or vehicle in an area that is off-limits. Set custom notifications and get them sent directly to your phone, tablet, or email.

He will automatically categorize and store video footage in the cloud for easy access, evidence collection, and filtering.

Nimbo features


What sets Nimbo apart?

Powered by AI

  • Autonomous patrol and charging

  • Unlimited map and route storage

  • 2-way video and audio capability

  • Customized and automatic responses to detected events

  • Over 80 recognition categories (people, vehicles, skateboards, dogs, etc.)


  • Control Nimbo from your iOS device

  • Setup in under 5 minutes

  • Customizable notifications

  • Filter video footage by date, device, and category

  • Easily export video clips


Designed for uses both small and large, Nimbo is a security powerhouse that serves your needs as well as your wallet. Schedule a demo to learn more about our pricing models and to get a direct quote.


Curious to see how Nimbo performs in the field? Download our free case studies.


Details, details, details.

Specs + Accessories

Size  |  H 26" x L 23" x W 11"

Weight  |  50 lbs.

Robot Speed  |  Up to 3 mph

Ride-on Speed  |  Up to 10 mph

Battery Life  |  Up to 8 hours


  • Auto-Charging Station

  • Visibility Mast

Nimbo spec pic.png