A.I. that’s easy as pie.

It’s time that your security system started working for you.

AiVR introduces the future of security software. Built to be installed at the very edge, AiVR works with your existing system to bring your cameras to the next level.

It offers intelligent, around-the-clock video monitoring powered by a deep-learning software, advanced computing, and cloud storage options. This allows for custom rules and notifications, as well as access from any iOS or Android device.

Store your content locally or find a cloud storage plan that works for you and export to local devices as you choose.

It is the first of its kind, and smarter than ever. 

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AiVR features

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Download our AiVR Spec Sheet for details on features, applications, and functionality.


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We designed our AiVR boxes to integrate seamlessly with all camera brands. Each box supports up to 4 channels and works with both NVRs and DVRs. This compatibility allows for security systems of all sizes to have access to groundbreaking deep-learning software.

Imagine receiving notifications from your security system that activity was detected in the storage facility, or a vehicle was parked in the back lot for over twenty minutes. Easy integration is a core feature of our software.

Plug-and-play setup

Simple. The guiding principle in AiVR's design.

To get started, simply plug in your AiVR box, connect to your Internet router, and your security system is instantly powered by AI and cloud computing. With our smart storage options, you can choose to save video footage and events directly to the cloud or on your local system.

Easier than ABC.